akbarA TEENAGE AKBAR finds himself swept by events in the wake of his father’s demise. So far, he has proved himself more than equal to the responsibilities placed upon him as prince. He has no time to think now, no time to grieve, but in a private moment on the night of his hasty coronation at Kalanaur, he finds himself overcome by sorrow. After years of separation from his father, to be reunited with him in the last year has been a dream. He was honoured to be ordered by his father on live missions. That his father took a personal interest in his drawing skills.

 In a short while, message has been sent that he may proceed to Delhi. Here, he is eased into his duties. Word has been put out that Akbar has taken over kingship from his father.

From the moment of his birth, great things have been predicted for Akbar. Much to his irritation, he is often reminded of it. Still a youth, Akbar is certain of only one thing: he has to fight for every victory. None of the greatness predicted for him will be handed on a platter. Thankfully, the experience and insight of Bairam Khan – appointed by Humayun as his son’s guardian only months before his death – has made things much easier for him. 

Sitting with Bairam Khan and his generals one evening only months after arriving in Delhi, they discuss threats of pressing concern. On seeing Akbar’s anxiety, Bairam Khan points out there will always be threats, but right now one looms larger than all the rest. An unprepossessing general by the name of Hemu, recently split from service to Adil Shah, is making a confident advance on Delhi with a sizeable force behind him.