Heirloom Recipes

Recipes are our heritage. In the course of history, too many recipes have been lost to time and vows of secrecy. It is poignant that notable historic recipes that have made it today have the street food culture to thank, and as in the case of nehari, active moves to disseminate knowledge of dishes.

With this, we invite you to share your heirloom recipes here, either in comments or if you can share your ID, we can mail you and start an exchange. We’d like to hear of any recipe passed on by your parents or grandparents. The formulations could be simple, nourishing, seasonal, or indulgent. It could also be a recipe that serves as a health fix.

We begin with a recipe for Batte Pasande, a classic example of farmaishi (heirloom) cuisine.

Batta Pasande



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