Mai Sharrar Hoon
Dil Ka Hoon Talabgar
Salahiat Ka Hoon Qadradaan
Mujhe Fakhr Hai Meri Bandagi
Meri Zindagi Se Juda Nahin !

Gautam_AnandGautam Anand is a hobby historian, food proponent, and some would say the very embodiment of Ganga-Jamuni culture. His anecdotal knowledge on subjects ranging from heritage food to poetry, makes his columns a collector’s delight. He was born in Nizamuddin, the very cradle of Dehlavi culture, and is a frequent visitor to the Dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya and Amir Khusrau.

Agnes Thoompunkal listens, watches, reads and codes. Her run-in with food history has set her on the trail of evanescent tales and truths buried in books. She mulls over these, birds, carts and pedestrians from a terrace studio on the edge of an energetic Delhi market.



2 thoughts on “Reimagining”

  1. Anonymous said:


  2. My search for the origin of sambhar and tamarind brought me here. Such a wonderful idea for a blog! Looking forward to reading more.

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